The CSPC is moving! Don’t miss their last few TNG events!

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July 24, 2016 by raincitytng

The Center for Sex Positive Culture is officially moving, with a move-out date of September 15th, 2016. While they’re hard at work leasing a new space, there may be a hiatus on regular events during the moving process.

What does that mean for Rain City TNG?

In general, things will be business as usual for us – we’ll still host our regular Capitol Hill munch and pre-munch for young, kinky adults, and the community-led Greenwood Kinks and Drinks will still happen on a weekly basis at the Woodlands. We will need to suspend or move the monthly sex positive discussion group, as it takes place in the FSPC Classroom which is part of the CSPC building.

We may be hosting a few extra events and play parties during this time to fill the vacuum in the Seattle kink community. Keep and eye on our events calendar and on the blog for all the latest details!

Bacchanalia Poster onlineSupport TNG at the CSPC!

If you want to see more TNG events in the new CSPC space, support the last few events! Like any venue, they’re going to give prime space to events with good door numbers.

Frolic TNG – Bacchanalian Orgy! – August 4th, 2016, 9pm – 1am – CSPC Members and their guests only (FetLife event here)

Ascension Social and Play Party – The Last Ascension! – August 16th, 2016 – nonmember social 7pm – 9pm, open to anyone 18-35 with valid and current photo ID – Members only play party 9pm – 12am

Frolic TNG – Back to School / The Last Frolic! – September 1st, 2016, 9am – 1am – CSPC Members and their guest only


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