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A social group for young adults who are kinky, LGBTQ, Polyamorous, and/or Sex Positive! All events are for those 18-35 and their escorted 36+ partners.

Rain City TNG is a non-profit social and educational organization based in Seattle, WA for those 18-35. We organize social, play, and educational based events and strive to provide a safe space for young people to explore and understand the complexities of human sexuality. We welcome people from all backgrounds and communities, including the LGBTQ, Polymorous, Sex Positive, and BDSM communities.

Rain City TNG provides:

  • A comfortable space for young people to learn and explore among their peers.
  • Networking and connections between people who are at similar life stages.
  • Recognition that younger members of the community make valuable contributions, and opportunities for young presenters and leaders to gain experience and serve their community.
  • A stepping stone into Seattle’s broader sex positive community.


Join the mailing list for updates about events, classes, and parties! Email raincitytng@gmail.com

While we have a lot of crossover with the Center for Sex Positive Culture (especially Ascension and Frolic), RCTNG is a separate organization not affiliated with the CSPC.

We are also active on Fetlife. FetLife is an invite-only social network for kinksters, etc. Once you meet a few people in the community, we recommend you ask for an invitation, make an account, and start getting involved!

You may view our Standard Operating Procedures here.


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